All this December Amerigo is counting down the Top 210 songs released from the Year 2000 to the Year 2010. You can view a streaming (Vimeo) video of the highlights here and download an .m4a audio file for your iPhone/iPod/mp3 device.

Here are Numbers 120 to 111 on the Countdown:

No. 120 to No. 111 (Click to Download):
120: Coldplay “Yellow”
119: Adele “Rolling in the Deep”
118: Siversun Pickups “Lazy Eye”
117: Chris Brown “Forever”
116: Leona Lewis – “Bleeding Love”
115: Our Lady of Peace “Innocent”
114: Eminem “Lose Yourself”
113: Hellogoodbye “Here (In Your Arms)”
112: Green Day “Holiday”
111: Creed “One Last Breath”


The Countdown continues with Nos. 110 to 101 here.